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Malicis offers its own Cloud Services in Quebec for small and medium-sized businesses. When you host your data at Malicis, it allows you to pay in accordance with the growth of your company while saving on the costs of computer hardware. Your data will be secure with us.


Our High-Security Server Rooms

What Sets Us Apart


Pay in accordance with the growth of your company

Turnkey Solution

Malicis takes care of providing and maintaining servers, as well as monitoring them and running regular backups.

Your Data is Protected

Highly secure server rooms equipped with generators in case of power outages. Daily backups of all data.

Zero Investment Required

No installation required and you don’t need to buy any computer hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Servers in Canada come under the jurisdiction of the Canadian legal system. This means that your web site, your databases and your emails are protected by the laws of the country in which you host your data. Malicis has two high-security data centres in Québec. This will save you from many potential legal problems.

What’s more, Canada has very strict laws when it comes to online privacy rights, which assures better protection of data compared to the United States.

Our hosting services are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Malicis has the expertise and the server rooms to host your data in a supportive and secure environment.

Malicis offers 24/7 client support services. Our service is available in French or English. Call us at (514) 849-1100 or open a ticket using your login info with the help of Zendesk software.

Daily backups are kept for a period of 7 days. However, if you’d like a more long-term backup service, you can find your solution with our backup services.

A data center is very complex. It is therefore vital for your business to ensure that you have the level of performance and IT reliability that corresponds to your business objective. This is why there are data center rankings based on different criteria and certifications.

Tier 3 classification is granted to a server room with multiple power supply and cooling distribution circuits.

  • Availability rate: 99.982%.
  • 1.6 hours (average) of interruption per year.
  • The redundancy offered amounts to N + 1

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