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Telework - Malicis

I am an SME, can I afford telework equipment during this Covid-19 crisis?

Over the past few days and for the next few weeks, many businesses have turned or will turn to the telework solution to continue remote operations. With the pandemic, the challenge is how to prepare such a large number of employees at the same time for remote work. Most of them do not have the technologies necessary to operate optimally, but still have a personal computer or laptop at home.

For SMEs that do not have the same financial capacity as multinationals to implement a solution so quickly, virtual desktop then become an essential and very affordable solution for telework.

Taking advantage of the fact that their employees have their own laptops, you will only have to install your software and applications on your servers. Employees will be able to access your company’s virtual desktops remotely on the device of their choice. This solution allows them not only to remotely access their files and their work applications, but also to benefit from the IT performance of the servers. In other words, even if your laptop is not very powerful and you have to use heavy software and requiring a large graphics capacity, with virtual desktops you will be able to do your work as in the office!

Now the question that many of you are asking.

I am not equipped with a server, is that a problem?

Having good servers that will manage traffic optimally is very expensive. However, Malicis that purchases and owns its own state-of-the-art equipment. Indeed, Malicis has two highly secure server rooms.

By hosting your virtual offices on our servers, your SME can benefit from the equipment without spending a fortune on computer equipment. So your business only pays based on usage and the number of workstations in your business.

Will my data remain secure despite the fact that my employees work on their personal computers?

The security of your data is reinforced since your data is centralized in the servers. So even if your employee loses their laptop, data and files are not “stored” on the computer. They are in the virtual offices which are protected by a password.

However, it is still your job to educate your employees about data security and to undertake good practices. For example, regularly changing the password to access the virtual office, making sure to open emails from trusted sources, etc.

In conclusion

Virtual desktop remain a very affordable and efficient solution for SMEs wishing to telecommute. In order to properly implement the solution, it is important to consult specialists who will be able to guide you.

Each company has different needs and by having a tailor-made virtual office service, your employees will also perform well remotely!