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Cloud Expertise

Our Cloud expertise allows us to counsel and accompany you in the successful digital transformation of your business. This process can prove to be complex for a business that doesn’t have the necessary knowledge and skills. Time and money are spent without achieving the desired results. When you do business with Cloud Computing experts, you can be sure of the durability and evolution of your business.

Our Cloud Computing Solutions

Microsoft 365


Microsoft Office 365 is a Cloud service suite that allows you to use tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. Office is also available on all devices with an internet connection. What’s more, you can access the latest Office applications once an update is available. Simplifying access to your work in the Cloud has become quick and easy.

The Office 365 suite includes many complementary tools such as Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Teams, Skype, Booking et MileIQ.

Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is a suite of hybrid Cloud services that allows organizations to develop in the cloud using their own local Azure infrastructure. It is adaptable to any industry sector and promises security and confidentiality in its platform. What’s more, you only pay for your usage, which allows your business to save costs.

Private Cloud


A private cloud is characterized by its self-service private corporate availability, elasticity, openness and mutalization.

In a private cloud, the entirety of infrastructures, servers, storage, networks, etc. is hosted within the business.

Cloud computing can allow you to save costs, notably thanks to service sharing between a large number of users.

Hybrid Cloud


A hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private clouds. This setup allows the responsible party to choose which environment is best suited to each scenario. When it comes to confidential information, the user can choose to put the data on the private cloud for security or liability concerns. 

Get advice on setting up a hybrid cloud.

Advantages of the Cloud

Facilitate collaboration between team members and optimize productivity.

Working from anywhere in the world is possible with an internet connection.

In turning to Cloud Computing, your business becomes more flexible. It’s possible to increase or reduce the capacity of your systems.

Software updates are automatic.

Eliminate considerable expenditures in computer hardware. Pay only for your usage.

Your documents are centrally saved, allowing for easy file sharing.

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