Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

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of businesses will move employees to permanent remote work (Gartner, Inc.)1

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Workers are increasingly working remotely and employers are looking for ways to standardize and secure the end-user experience while continuing to create value for their businesses. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a simple technology approach that doesn’t require considerable investment and puts your workstations, software and applications in our data centers where they can be accessed from any device.

1 Gartner, Inc [2020]. Gartner CFO Survey Reveals 74% Intend to Shift Some Employees to Remote Work Permanently. Retrieved from

Case Study - DMArchitectes

Why DaaS?

DaaS enables remote workers to access the same resources as their on-site colleagues. However, not all DaaS solutions are created equally, especially when it comes to the integration of third party applications and specialized configuration and/or hardware requirements. For example:

  • Productivity applications like Microsoft Office 365 work natively, but virtual desktops often require some tuning for video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams;
  • 3D design and visualization software normally requires additional compute capacity in the form of GPUs for optimal performance.

Cut your costs

IT teams are stretched thin and continuously asked to do more with less. Pivoting from cost center to cost recovery solved part of the problem, but the issue of effort required to continually deliver and operate complex solutions can overburden IT teams. Worse, they may have a skill gap and may reach a point where they experience difficulty operating the solution.

Focus on creating value for your business

We know how to keep your Desktop-as-a-Service running so you can focus on keeping your business running. Malicis is the leader in full-stack end-user computing. Whether your DaaS project is on premises or in the cloud, Malicis Consulting and Managed Services can help you. Malicis Consulting and Managed Services Teams are composed of highly trained individuals who are proficient designing, deploying and managing Citrix Virtual Desktop environments – from gold images to anti-malware all the way to GPU management for specialized graphics visualization software.

Find peace of mind

Trust Malicis Consulting to design and deploy your DaaS solution, and Malicis Managed Services to make sure the lights stay on so you can worry about creating value for your business. You’re one step closer to getting the best Desktop-as-a-Service experience with Malicis.

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