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Disaster Recovery

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Secure cloud backup and replication with Veeam Cloud Connect solution

Cloud backup and replication secured with the Veeam Cloud Connect solution Disaster Recovery as a Service in the Cloud (DRaaS) is an off-site backup and data replication service of your infrastructure that protects you from failure of your principal site. This service is less expensive and complex than it would be to handle your recovery infrastructure yourself.

Malicis offers Veeam Cloud Connect disaster recovery service. It provides a completely integrated, fast and sure solution for backup, replication and restoration from the Cloud. This service ensures the availability of your critical applications without the cost and complexity of setting up and maintaining a disaster recovery site.

Complete and easy integration

Reduce your recovery site design and planning costs with the help of the Veeam DRaaS tool. Eliminate the costs of training your own administrators; replication to the service provider is completely integrated into the interfaces and workflow of the Veeam administrator.

Reduce your hardware costs

When you use our Cloud tool for disaster recovery service, you save the costs associated with purchasing a second data centre, new servers, storage and network equipment.

Fast and flexible

Easily and independently transfer production on a secured mobile portal or on your Veeam console. In the case of a disaster, relocate your entire or partial data centre in one single click. Easily keeping your transfer plan data updated allows for rapid recovery, even in the case of a large scale crash.

Rationalized transfers

Transfer production to your restored data centre or to a completely new off-site data centre. Your users will experience minimal disturbances. 

Test your recovery plan

You can test the transfer of an entire site or select virtual machines without affecting production. Veeam also makes periodic transfers easy, and executes production on our Cloud.


Monthly Payments

Basic monthly payments to cover operational and maintenance fees.


Pay for emergency service only when there’s an emergency (not all the time, as with other service providers).

Save Money

With our DRaaS service, you don’t need to own a second site, which saves you the capital expenses required to build and maintain additional infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Disaster Recovery Service is for SMBs that would like to have a recovery solution in place in order to withstand any potential event or natural disaster.

Any business can fall victim to a natural disaster (fire, flood) or even malware. Our Disaster Recovery Service allows businesses to quickly get back on their feet by switching on a replica of their servers in our Cloud and by having access to the most recent backups.

Backup service is performed periodically according to the schedule defined by you. Your business can therefore maintain its files and data according to the retention schedule of your choice. The only limit is your budget.

Disaster Recovery is a complete duplication of your infrastructure, meaning of its servers, data and most recent configurations. 

  • Quickly get your business back on its feet after a catastrophe.
  • You can test your recovery plan in order to find out the recovery time of your business.
  • Our prices are highly competitive thanks to the use of cutting edge storage technology, high-density servers and our highly qualified, dedicated team.

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