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Technology Outsourcing Services

Malicis offers outsourcing services to manage your IT technology infrastructure including CitrixVMwareMicrosoft or even your storage environment. This is an ideal service for you if your IT department lacks the knowledge and skills required to manage a particular technology. Our professionals will take care of managing your infrastructure. Consult our service plans to discover the options available to you.

Technological infrastructure


The Citrix technology suite is focused on the component sets of vApps (XenApp) and vDesktop (XenDesktop). Updates contain as many as 10 combined vApps and vDesktop VDAs.

The VMware and backup technology suite is focused on the component set of vSphere.

The Microsoft suite is focused on the following components : Active Directory Services, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, File Sharing Services, DHCP and DNS Printing servers, GPO servers only.

Remote Service Provision

Our service plans are delivered remotely. This gives you access to a complete team of experts rather than just one on-site consultant.

Personalized Offers

We offer many options to precisely meet your needs. You are supporting a highly specialized, local team.

Service plans

Possibility of having a fully personalized service plan. Contact us for more information.

All plans include (basic service) :


What Sets Us Apart

We possess the largest team of virtualization experts in Canada.

Our expertise extends to all industry sectors and all business sizes.

We own a computer lab that allows us to reproduce client environments in order to isolate problems and identify paths to a solution.

We provide IT support to hospitals. We take this very seriously, so the saying “It’s not a matter of life or death” doesn’t apply to us.

We are experts at setting up recovery plans.

We are experts in crisis management (cyber attacks, major crashes, emergency personnel replacements, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our services in technology outsourcing are ideal for any business that already has an IT department, but doesn’t have the required expertise in a particular technology such as Citrix, VMware or Microsoft. You can outsource your technology with the Malicis team.

Each of the plans offered by Malicis comes with 24/7 emergency tech support. Fees vary according to the level chosen. Our service is available in French or in English. Call (514) 849-1100 or open a ticket using your login credentials with the help of Zendesk software.

The Platinum service plan is a turnkey solution for total outsourcing of the technology of your choice. It’s one of our most popular choices as it allows you to obtain a service that covers the support, maintenance and evolution of a technology.

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