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Malicis, a SMB that Delivers Big Results
(Cisco Partnership)

In recent years, Malicis has distinguished itself in the quality of its consulting services and in its expertise in virtualization. Eager to expand and be in a position to offer its services to more clients, it needed to find a solution. Namely, a means of having greater usage capacity of its server rooms.

In order to realize this project, Malicis approached Cisco, a business that proved to be very interested in Malicis’ expertise in virtual desktop.

A partnership was established in the spring of 2018. Cisco lent Malicis Root Data Center and Infrastructure type servers for a period of one year. In exchange, Malicis had the task of integrating GPU NVIDIA cards, Cisco Hyperflex and UCS technology as well as Citrix technology on the Cisco server. Integrating all of these technologies and IT components on the servers increased their power and flexibility when it came to the scalability of a business and their task processing capacities.

A Few Months Later

After many months of brainstorming efforts, Malicis succeeded with flying colours! Thanks to this technological innovation, production costs were reduced by 20%, and Malicis is now in a position to offer virtual office services, disaster recovery services and unlimited backup services!

For that matter, DMA Architectes was Malicis’ first client to benefit from this technological project. This company uses architecture software that requires a large graphic capacity. With the optimisation of its server rooms in place, Malicis was able to offer DMA virtual office services that were adapted to company needs. This way, associates of DMA Architectes can now work remotely from the device of their choice, all while benefiting from the power necessary to use their architecture software everyday.

This represents considerable cost savings in operational management. Modifying plans in real time, directly from the construction site, has now been made possible!

20 %

Malicis has Reduced IT Production Costs by 20% Thanks to Cisco HyperFlex
“These days, we welcome a new client on average of once per week” - Marc-André Lapierre, President.

* Cisco case study

Cisco Partnership

One year later, the Cisco video creation team came all the way from San Francisco to the offices of Malicis in order to produce a short film featuring the story of the partnership between the two companies, as well as the project accomplished with DMA Architectes.

Ever since, Malicis’ new infrastructure allows them to welcome on average a new client every week!

Malicis would like to thank all the consultants who worked on the technological project, as well as Cisco, for having believed in our technological project.

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