Pierre Valois - CPA CMA

Vice President, Finance and Operations

Pierre Valois’ role as Vice-President brings him new challenges every day in a world that is changing very quickly. The biggest challenge facing Malicis is its strong growth in a sector with a shortage of staff. We must innovate with new business models, recruitment-oriented marketing and innovative HR policies.  

Pierre Valois has expertise in finance, merger, acquisition and his training in accounting as well as his business knowledge allowed him to build the most effective strategic plan for the company.

His passion for business development and negotiation allows him to optimize the pool of consultant resources by ensuring that he always has contracts with large clients, partnerships with major firms to ensure a healthy and profitable growth for Malicis.


Technical profile

UQTR – University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières

Sherbrooke Uiversity

"I am capable of the best and the worst. But, in the worst, I am the best."
-Coluce, Comic artist (1944 - 1986)
# 1 on his Bucketlist
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