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The phenomenon of "cryptolocking" or ransomware

The phenomenon of “cryptolocking” or hostage taking also known as ransomware is more widespread than one might think. Several companies and institutions are taken hostage each year by this type of computer attack as we have seen for the city of Ch√Ęteauguay. It is not necessarily data theft, but the taking of hostage of your data and information which is no longer accessible because it is encrypted. If the company wants to recover its data, it must pay a ransom, a very large amount of money defined by hackers.

In a ransomware situation, it is not neglect in terms of computer security, because it is impossible to be 100% waterproof against this type of attack. There are, however, some ways to prevent this type of eventuality. For example, you can outsource your data to a provider such as Malicis who will be able to reassemble your system within hours of an attack. In fact, in recent years, our company has come to the aid of several companies that have suffered this type of threat, which has enabled us to develop good expertise in this area.


It is important to understand that hackers make no distinction between SMEs and large companies. The price of the ransom demanded can vary between $ 250,000 and one million dollars.

In short, it is still a huge amount of money that many companies cannot necessarily afford.

What are the steps to take when your company is attack by hackers?


Pay the ransom and hope to recover your data. The servers will probably be unusable and will have to be reassembled, which will take a huge time. This option unfortunately encourages international criminal groups, as our police have no jurisdiction for these interventions.


Don’t pay the ransom and put the servers all up from scratch. Here too, the effort will be colossal.


If your backups are adequate, you can recover your data quickly with minimal data loss and effort.

In conclusion

Malicis can help you with option 1 or 2. We also offer backup services for option 3.

It is important to be accompanied by specialists in this type of crisis in order to avoid several traps that could endanger your business or slow down the resumption of service.