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Why your SME should outsource the management of its IT infrastructure?

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Technology improves business productivity, reduces operating costs and improves the customer experience. SMEs tend to become dependent on their information management systems and suffer several wastes of time due to a critical IT system. When they devote their efforts to ensuring the continuity and security of operations, projects related to their own areas of expertise do not progress as quickly as it should. This is when an SME should consider outsource the management of its IT infrastructure to an expert firm. Here are several advantages!

Here are 5 reasons why your SME should outsource the management of its IT infrastructure.

1) You will do business with IT experts

Even if you already have internal employees who take care of your IT management, they don’t necessarily have the knowledge to solve all your problems. They will therefore have to take time out of their working hours to find a solution which can prove to be very simple for a person who has the necessary expertise. By calling a service provider, you will have support service anytime.

In addition, the specialist who accompanies you has several certifications and masters different technologies. He will be able to quickly find the solution to your problem.

2) You will save time and be able to focus on value-added tasks for your business.

Often, IT-related issues are not seen as a priority for the SME since it is not their area of ​​expertise. For example, it is normal for a furniture manufacturing company not to have computer skills, but rather cabinetmaking. By leaving so-called “convenience” technologies in the hands of experts, you allow your resources to focus on value-added activities that are essential to your business.

3) You will improve your business performance

Even if your company was doing well before outsourcing its IT, a service provider ensures technological monitoring and surveillance of your infrastructure to predict any eventuality or IT failure. Just because everything is fine in your SME does not mean that nothing can happen. It is important to prevent and have an action plan in case of a major problem.

In addition, the specialist will advise you on how to improve your computer system. Now you can sleep with peace of mind!


4) You can predict your upfront costs.

Several service providers that provides managed services offer packages according to your needs. This will make it easy for you to predict costs in advance without having hidden costs. It is also a form of investment for your SME since having active monitoring of your IT infrastructure can avoid an incident that could cost you dearly.

5) You can modify your service plan according to the growth of your business.

Is your SME gaining popularity and have you hired several employees? This is not a problem. The service provider can support you according to the development of your business. Whether you need to introduce new technology to your infrastructure or install new workstations to Microsoft 365, he will be able to make everything functional. In short, all you have to do is find THE RIGHT service provider and it turns out that Malicis could be THE SOLUTION!

Why choose Malicis to outsource your IT infrastructure?

  • You benefit from a 3-month warranty period during which you can terminate the contract without penalty.
  • Our expertise extends to all industry sectors and to all sizes of businesses.
  • We have a computer laboratory allowing us to reproduce the environments of our customers in order to isolate problems and identify possible solutions.
  • We offer bilingual customer support from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm by phone, email or chat.
  • Our teams monitor 24/7 to prevent any IT failure.
  • Our employees regularly offer follow-ups and quality controls by our project managers.
  • We provide detailed reports (Audit) with recommendations and advice on areas for improvement.
  • We proactively manage technological environments based on best practices:
  • Malicis has the largest team of virtualization experts in Canada.
  • We are experts in implementing succession plans.
  • Malicis is an expert in IT crisis management (cyber attack, major “crash”, emergency personnel replacement, etc.)
  • We already support hospitals. The saying “There is no dead man” does not apply to us and we take it very seriously.

Above all, our customers are always satisfied!

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